Web extension for Scribe to get user profile after OAuth authentication process
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What is ScribeUP ?

ScribeUP (for Scribe User Profile) is a web-oriented extension for the Scribe library. It retrieves the profile of a user after this user has been authenticated by an OAuth provider. It’s available under the Apache 2 license.
Take a look at the technical description of the project. Browse the Javadoc.

OAuth providers supported

Facebook Github Google LinkedIn Twitter Windows Live WordPress Yahoo

Look at the description of the providers and profiles. Follow the guide to extend or add a new provider.

Who can use ScribeUP ?

Everybody can use ScribeUP by following the sample.
However, the library was created to be the foundation of the cas-server-support-oauth module, which adds OAuth support to the CAS server (version 3.5.0).
ScribeUP is also used to propose a shiro-oauth module to add OAuth client support to the Shiro project : the JIRA ticket and the associated discussion.
The library is also integrated in my Spring Security OAuth client library which adds OAuth client support to Spring Security.



The version 1.0.0 has been released.
The current version : 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT is under development. It’s available on Sonatype snapshots repository.
Learn more about versions.


ScribeUP is tested by 152 unit tests and also 8 integration tests on OAuth providers by simulating complete authentication processes (using the HtmlUnit library).


Find me on LinkedIn or by email : leleuj@gmail.com