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tj commented Jan 25, 2016

Seems like they don't provide an API for this yet which is a little weird, hopefully that's coming:

kapilt commented Jan 26, 2016

there's sort of a usable shim for it in the cloud watch events service which allows cron spec invocation of target lambda function



@tj Ok, I've found a solution, checkout: johannesboyne@95d8383

svcc := cloudwatchevents.New(session.New())
svcl := lambda.New(session.New())

cronEvent := &Cron{
    Name:              "CronTestLambda",
    Description:       "Test",
    Expression:        "rate(5 minutes)",
    FunctionName:      "<function-name>",
    FunctionArn:       "arn:aws:lambda:us-west-2:<...>",
    CloudWatchService: svcc,
    LambdaService:     svcl,

err := cronEvent.AddSchedule()

What do you think, where should this belong, how would the command invocation would look like?
I thought about sth. like

  • apex cron [functionname] "rate(5 minutes)"
  • apex schedule [functionname] "rate(5 minutes)"
tj commented Jan 27, 2016

niceee! I was thinking just a property in the function.json might be cool, nice to have it in code, I think I'd maybe go with "schedule" as the property, but cron might be more familiar


Oh yes, that's maybe even better!

  "name": "foo",
  "description": "pretty description",
  "runtime": "golang",
  "memory": 128,
  "timeout": 5,
  "role": "<...>",
  "schedule || cron": "rate(5 minutes)"
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IMHO apex/event_sources/cron should be the apex package, because cron is the "tool" that "schedules" and scheduling is an Event Source (AWS terminology):
kind of:

who schedules  what is the schedule
cron rate(5 minutes)

But inside the function.json it is:

"schedule": "rate(5 minutes)"

because it represents the schedule value.
Does this make any sense? :D

tj commented Jan 27, 2016

./sources/cron skips the _ :D

I'd maybe put the bulk of the code in that package, and then call it in a "cron" plugin, similar to these:, using a DeployHook.

That way we keep most of these integrations out of Function methods.

I suppose we should think about config more now too:

  "sources": {
    "schedule": "rate(5 minutes)"

But most will have multiple properties, so maybe we should always make them objects


Ok, so kind of this direction:

Will just have to add

  • function.json parsing
  • propper invocation through the deploy hook
  • prop. refactoring
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tj commented Feb 4, 2016

closing for now since I'm not sure it's the road we should be going down. In an ideal world we just supported all of AWS without a secondary tool but that's a ton of work and that is basically TF

@tj tj closed this Feb 4, 2016

Sorry to ping a closed issue, but is there anyway this is currently possible or are the TF changes required first? I'm assuming worst case scenario I can modify the function from the Lambda control panel to run on a schedule?

tj commented Feb 23, 2016

@marwanhilmi I think the next release of TF adds it: hashicorp/terraform#4986

@mthenw mthenw removed the in progress label Feb 24, 2016
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