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<p>Up is licensed in such a way that myself as an independent developer can continue to improve the product and provide support. Commercial customers receive access to a premium version of Up with additional features, priority support for bugfixes, and of course knowing that the project will stick around! Up saves your team countless hours maintaining infrastructure and custom tooling, so you can get back to what makes your company and products unique.</p>

<summary>How do I redirect "www" to my domain?</summary>
<p>Currently there is no built-in support for redirecting "www" to a "naked" domain, however, you may deploy a tiny application in the language of your choice to perform the redirect—check out the [Node Redirect]( example.</p>

<summary>Can I donate?</summary>
<p>Yes you can! Head over to the <a href="">OpenCollective</a> page. Any donations are greatly appreciated and help me focus more on Up's implementation, documentation, and examples. If you're using the free OSS version for personal or commercial use please consider giving back, even a few bucks buys a coffee :).</p>

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