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@tj tj released this Feb 9, 2018 · 196 commits to master since this release


e81bb2a Release v0.5.0
4dec853 add IsCI() util
407c684 add Stages.Development back for overrides
90a9d42 add up team card change command for updating the CC
f64a343 add custom stage support. Closes #326
391f474 add customer feedback option when unsubscribing
ac8bcae add hiding of cursor when verifying email
4e76046 add nicer output when using up url -c
ef4c2f7 add separator to make log message more obvious
07202f3 docs
8abb85e fix stack deletions due to custom stages changes
2a7efce fix stage mapping due to custom stage refactor
272a2a6 remove development stage. Closes #563
017c53f remove sourcing of .gitignore. Closes #557

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Built with go version go1.9.2 darwin/amd64

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