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  • Up v0.1.0 – Introduction blog post covering the initial featureset
  • Up v0.2.0 –  Stack updates, cost metrics, deploy size, and more
  • Up v0.3.0 – Custom domains, logging & stability improvements and more.
  • Up v0.4.0 – Alerting, Encrypted Environment Variables, and 30% Quicker
  • Up v0.5.0 – Custom stages and instant rollbacks
  • Up v0.6.0 — IAM policies, Git Versioning, Deployment History, and more



Videos & talks given about Up.


Some applications using Up.

  • Apex Ping – Uptime & performance monitoring
  • GitHub Polls (src) – SVG GitHub user polls service
  • Palettes – Discover what colors websites are using
  • Readme App (src) – Readme is a purposefully feature-lite Twitter reader.
  • Bins – Golang programs cross-compiled on-demand
  • GUI — GitHub readme UI components
  • Eclectica — (src) Version manager for any language
  • Saldo TUC - (src) Check the balance of TUC cards
  • Bright YC startup: Residential solar for the developing world
  • CloudQuery - Turn any website to serverless API


Databases which are offered as managed clusters or entirely serverless.


Hosted & managed databases usually require that you scale the cluster manually, and in some cases tune for performance or stability, thus manual intervention may be required.


A "serverless" database is elastic and scales on-demand with your workload, and typically require no tuning of any kind.


Tools which you may find useful when working with Up.

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