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Apex Studios Tool Package

This is the tool package used at Apex Studios for day-to-day work.


Following software packages are included is included:

  • TortoiseSVN
  • TortoiseGit and Git for Windows (explained later)
  • PHP 5.4
  • Arcanist

Tools may be added without further notice.

Intended for internal use only

We do not take care for compatibility on external systems


Follow these instructions

  • When you already have svn or TortoiseSVN installed:
    1. Go to a safe location without any spaces in the path where you can install things, like C:\Apps. Create a folder structure so it resembles this: C:\Apps\apexstudios\tool-package. Go into that folder.
    2. Check out from this URL:
    3. Continue
  • Else:

    1. Download the ZIP file
    2. Extract it to a safe location (and probably remove the master in the folder name)
    3. Continue
  • You may have to start an instace of cmd.exe to run the install.bat properly. To do so, follow these steps:

    1. Open the //Run...// dialogue
    2. Type in cmd
    3. Type in the drive where the folder is located, like this: e:
    4. Type cd, followed by the copy-pasted path (you can't Ctrl+V, do a right-click), like this: cd E:\Apps\tool-package
    5. Run install.bat (type and enter)
  • To do the initial set up, run the install.bat

    • It will set up environment variables pointing to arc/arcanist/ and PHP/, which are required
      1. Select Option 1
      2. Restart the installer
      3. Select Option 1
      4. Verify that it does not install again
      5. Profit
    • If I have managed to finish it in time, it will also ask you to do the Arcanist set up (installing the certificate, that is)
      1. Select Option 2
      2. Go to
      3. Copy the line consisting of random numbers and letters
      4. Paste it into the new window that popped up
      5. Profit
  • To install TortsoiseSVN, select //Option 3// from the installer

    • Make sure that you have the command line client tools checked! They are required for Arcanist.
  • If you want to profit from Git and its wonderful git svn tools, follow these install instructions:

    1. Select Option 4
    2. Install one after each other
    3. ???
    4. Profit
    5. I'm too lazy to tell you how to use them - maybe another time

Notes for Git for Windows (not TortoiseGit)

  • Installation of msysGit can be done with preselected options, however, no need to install the "Windows explorer integration". If you know about CRLF and LF line endings and you have editors coping with that, you should select "Checkout as-is, commit as-is" in order to prevent automatic change of line endings (Git usually uses Linux-style, though we have Windows-style)

How to use

I will add guides into the Guides/ folder soon. Wait for that day.