Remake of tab2opf dictionary builder for kindle
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Remake of tab2opf dictionary builder for kindle

Script to convert tab delimited dictionary files into opf file to run with kindlegen into a translation lookup dictionary for kindle.

Based on the generally available by Klokan Petr Přidal ( from 2007

The script has been mostly rewritten and extended. The encoding convolutions have been removed, and the code migrated to python3

The input form is: Word(s) \t Definition

By running path/file.txt in the current directory file.opf and file*.html are created which can then be converted with kindlegen file.opf into

--source and --target options define which language to which we are translating.

tab2opf has a -m option to load a module to load getkey and getdef functions and mapping dictionary from that namespace into the current one; if it doesn't find such defined member(s), no error is produced.

getkey converts the term (the Word(s)) into a search key. getdef converts Definition in some arbitrary way. mapping is a dictionary mapping from char -> char to replace some set of characters in the input with characters in the output.

Used and tested is the, which converts a german -> english dictionary ( The keys are the longest word in the Word(s) after removal of prepositional phrases and some pronouns (in getkey). The definitions remap the pattern of "definition \t part-of-speech" into (part-of-speech) definiton.