Trying to mimic the iTunes cover colors algorithm
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Cover Colors

This is an example app, trying to mimic the iTunes cover colors algorithm. A live example is visible online.

How it works

It is a more or less direct port from Mathematica of the example code, provided by Seth Thompson.

Preparation of the image

  • At first, the image is scaled down to max-width of 36px and max-height of 36 (to reduce the computation cost)
  • A border of 1px around the image is removed, so that the new max. dimensions are 34x34.

The removal of the border is important, because some of the images have a fringy border (or just a normal border, too):

Amy MacDonald

Found colors: #897e61, #0a0705, #d7b67b

Background Color

  • A histogram of the 1px wide edge of the image is created and the most dominant color is selected

"Title" & "Song" Colors

  • A histogram of the complete image is created, which groups all (in the YUV color space) similar colors into buckets
  • These buckets are sorted downwars.
  • Now, from the top down two colors are searched, which are different enough from the background color
  • If no two colors are found, then the background color is analyzed, whether it is a dark color (luminance < 0.5) and white is used (black otherwise).

Possible further optimizations

This algorithm (and implementation!) is not optimal in many cases:

Simple AI additions to filter out highlights

Example: the bow tie of Aloe Blacc is not recognized:

Aloe Blacc - Good Things

Found colors: #e7c985, #643d2a, #906e4e

Looking for a better contrast between background color and text colors

Currently, the text colors are chosen, so that there is a large enough (to be defined) color difference between the colors. This can lead to potentialy low contrast, especially if you use the colors without any separation.

Example: Adele - 21

Adele - 21 in example app

Found colors: #4f504a, #babbbd, #97989a

This specific implementation

This implementation was created in just 3 hours, so there might be bugs or places for optimizations included. :-)

Sources & additional variations

The rights of all used cover images lie with the appropriate copyright owners.