like the original muxtape, only with youtube videos
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muxtube - like muxtape, but for YouTube


Justin Ouellete originally created Muxtape which was a way to share 12 mp3s online with the world. It has since morphed into a "platform for bands."

So, I, Andrew Gwozdziewycz, thought it'd be cool to bring back the original spirit of Muxtape, but using YouTube videos instead of mp3s. However, I've gotten lazy, and haven't finished it. Would you like to contribute?

It's using, and SQLObject, and it's GPL'd


SQLObject, Python 2.[5-6]


$ python
>>> import random
>>> import string
>>> ''.join([random.choice(string.printable) for _ in range(128)])
'some long string'
$ vi # plug the string in the SECRET_KEY spot
$ python # this creates the database -- sqlite

It's not Finished


There should be a bookmarklet, but I never finished writing it. The idea is that each account gets it's own bookmarklet based on 128 random characters, and the job of it is to issue a GET request like to the url:

/bookmarklet/add?token=<128 character token>&title=<title>&video_id=<id>

I was only going to make it work from YouTube, but it'd be neat if it worked wherever YouTube videos are embedded.


The UI is mostly there, but it's a bit buggy. It doesn't have a way to pause, nor does it properly place the video. You can play videos of course.

I'm not thrilled about the styles, but whatever.


Yeah, this isn't your bank account, so it's not ultimate security level A, but passwords are hashed, I think sensibly--you decide. The bookmarklet idea obviously could use some work with the token, but again--who cares? I just didn't wanna have to write a more complicated bookmark which made you sign in if you weren't already signed in. That's all.

Other Concerns

Oh, and this is probably all against YouTube's terms of service, but I set it up so you can show the video thinking that hiding them by default would certainly be a violation--showing them, well, maybe not. If you launch this somewhere, be forewarned.


Copyright 2010, Andrew Gwozdziewycz Licensed under the GPL. see COPYING for details.