Replay log files in simulated real-time
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recat - Replay logfiles in simulated real-time

What does that mean? 

Quite simply it means that if you give `recat` a logfile and a list of
fields that represent a time, it'll attempt to replay the log entries as
they happened.

Won't that take a lot of time?

Of course! This is why I've added the `-n` option, which allows you to 
specify a speed up factor. So, if you say -n 1000, that means all the
things that happened within 1000 seconds of each other will be shown within
1 second of each other instead.

Does this support nyanbar?

Not yet.


Part of the problem is that log files don't always have consistent locations
for date/time. As a result, you'll likely have to tell `recat` where to look,
and in what format the date/time is in.

  -f 1,2,3,4   - Given a separator, which fields (indexed from 1) should be
                 considered as the date/time?
  -n NUM       - This is the speedup factor that I discussed before
  -s SEPARATOR - A list of delimeters (not comma separated, just list them
                  ex: " ,-" would be a space or a comma or a dash)
  -t FORMAT    - This is the difficult one. The format that the time is in.
                 The default is '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%s' This uses the format 
                 specifiers as per `time.strftime()` in Python.

Putting it all together, you've got:

   $ recat -f 1,2 -n 10 -s ' ,' file.log



recat is licensed under the GPLv3. Read the LICENSE file for more info