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slideshow/simple is new reader to help quickly create slideshows for Racket's Slideshow. It was originally inspired by sent, but has expanded in capabilities beyond that of sent.

An example slideshow looks like this.

#lang slideshow/simple



# comment line, ignored

Depends on...

- Racket
- Slideshow

slideshow FILENAME
\#lang slideshow/simple


thanks / questions?

It can be run like so:

$ slideshow filename.rkt

To add an image, use !/path/to/image, and to add a slide with some text, just write some stuff followed by a blank line. Multiple lines of text without blank lines will place all the text on a single slide.

A line that starts with a # character is completely ignored. If a comment line comes immediately after an image, paragraph, quote, or list the comment counts as a blank line, and a new slide will be created for the next non blank/non comment line. The comment will become speaker notes.

A slide cannot contain both an image and text. Therefore, the following slideshow is invalid:

#lang slideshow/simple

foo bar baz quux

If a slide starts with a \ the \ is ignored. This allows escaping literal !IMAGE.png, lines that would otherwise by treated as # comments comments, and ` literal escaped lines.

Speaker Notes

As mentioned above, speaker notes get added to a slide when comments are placed directly under your slide content:

#lang slideshow/simple

This is the slide
# These will show up as speaker notes.
# This will show up on the same slide.


sent doesn't have lists, but they can be emulated by creating a multi-line slide with bullets as the first character. In slideshow/simple we've got bulleted, and numerical lists.

#lang slideshow/simple

1. We've
2. Got
3. Them.

- We've
- Got
- Them.

Note, though, that lists must be by themselves. There's no title support, or additional paragraph support. This is considered a bug.

Text Wrapping to fit.

Long lines will be wrapped to fit, rather than overrun the slide, or be scaled to super tiny font sizes.


Quotes are popular in slides. slideshow/simple supports them.

#lang slideshow/simple

> You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
> -- Wayne Gretzky

Basic formatting.

There is none. We'll likely add monospace support, cause that'd be nice for inline code.


Run raco pkg install in a checkout.

Contributing and Feedback

I'm sure I can learn a lot from your feedback, ideas and contributions. Please submit issues before PRs except in trivial cases.

If you have any other feedback, feel free to email me at the below address.


Andrew Gwozdziewycz


Copyright © 2017, Andrew Gwozdziewycz,

Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). See LICENSE.txt for more information.

Special thanks to the suckless project for their work on sent, which heavily inspired slideshow/simple.


Easier slideshows using Racket's slideshow tool







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