A list of computers compatible with the Haiku operating system.
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Haiku Computer List

Welcome. This is a maintained list of computers compatible with the Haiku operating system, submitted by the Haiku community. This Github page provides a place outside the Computers compatible with Haiku thread on the Haiku Forum, and the Haiku Computer List. For the most up to date list, check the hardware spreadsheet.

To add hardware for submission, please do not create a pull request. Instead, please use the hardware submission form or write your info manually per the template in the computer list thread on the Haiku forum.

Hardware types

As listed on the Add Haiku hardware form, these are the different hardware types, browsable above. You can view the current lists by opening the files above, or use GitHub's search to look for a particular make, model, or year.

  • Custom built machine, board, or Intel NUC, etc.
  • Server/Workstation (i.e. HP ProLiant)
  • Desktop/Tower (i.e. Lenovo ThinkCentre)
  • Modern/All-in-One Desktop (i.e. iMac, HP Pavilion AIO)
  • Mobile Workstation (Z/EliteBook, ThinkPad, Dell Precision, MacBook Pro, etc.)
  • Laptop (i.e. Pavilion, Inspiron, Satellite, etc.; larger screen, thicker, etc.)
  • Notebook, ultrabook, net/cloudbook (i.e. MacBook Air, Lenovo X1 Carbon, HP Stream 11; thin, light)
  • Tablet PC and/or tablet convertible (i.e. Pavilion x360, Lenovo Yoga, HP Stream 7)
  • Thin Client (i.e. HP t630) or Mobile/IoT (i.e. Raspberry Pi)
  • Virtual machine or virtualization client (sorted by vendor)

Thanks for reading!

Please feel free to browse the lists, and happy Haiku-ing! :-)