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An open-source 2D top-down RPG editor and engine, which aims to support RPG Maker XP projects. It uses Ruby for scripting, and will make attempts to maintain compatibility with existing third party RPG Maker XP scripts.

While not an exact clone, it should be close enough to be comfortable, and more importantly, to just work. There will be additional enhancements and features beyond the original capabilities of the RPG Maker XP engine.

OpenXP is currently in early development. It is not recommended for production use at this time.


At this point we are focusing on interoperability and compatibility with RPG Maker XP projects, both via the editor and a runtime implementation.

The runtime is partially derived from the previous project OpenGame.exe, but limited to RPG Maker XP support, and focuses on enabling enhancements moreso than absolute perfect emulation (but existing third-party script compatibility will still be taken into consideration when reasonable).

More enhanced features will be added in the future.


OpenXP's runtime intends to officially support Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is not yet ready for use on non-Windows platforms. The editor may be made cross platform, this is yet to be determined.

Changes from Vanilla

No RGSSAD Encryption support. This is by design. We will eventually offer a new encryption method.
More coming.


Encrypted RPG Maker archives (.rgssad) will not be supported. While the format is publicly known at this point, the copyright holders for RPG Maker XP has directly expressed that it is against their wishes for the encryption details to be investigated or made public. New (better) forms of encryption will be made available for this editor at a later time.

Win32API is not supported. A plugin system is planned that will allow you to extend many facets of both the editor and the runtime, and additionally you have access to the source code to tailor the engine to your needs. A cross-platform runtime is a high priority with this project, and most existing Win32API-dependent scripts will likely not work as intended due to a different backend.

Building from source

We also use NuGet to manage dependencies- as long as you have package resolution enabled, this process should run automatically and install the required libraries.

Some dependencies are bundled in the repository, where custom built options were preferable.


Please see the Contribution Guidelines and Credits List. 👀

Thanks to the community for helping me learn the RPG Maker series over the years.

Thanks to vgvgf and the HBGames community for demonstrating how to pack and unpack Table, Color, and Tone classes.

This project is based on OpenGame.exe. Special thanks to all the contributors of OpenGame.exe for their help.


OpenXP (editor and runtime) is licensed under the MIT License. 👀

There are some exempted files - see LICENSE.MD for more information.


An open source 2D top-down RPG editor and engine.





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