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w32notify - exit when a Windows file system change occurs
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w32notify - exit when the contents of a directory change


w32notify [OPTION]... DIRECTORY...


This script is targeting to provide similar functionality as inotify/dnotify to Win32 command line. What is considered a change is determined by the --attrib, --modify, --size, --write, --security and --dir options (see below). These options may be combined. Use --all for all options enabled. If none of them are specified, the execution fails.


This program follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (--).

-B, --attrib
    Exit when any attribute changes.
-M, --modify
    Exit when a file name changes.
-Z, --size
    Exit when a file size changes.
-W, --write
    Exit when a change to a files last write time occurs.
-S, --security
    Exit when a security descriptor changes.
-D, --dir
    Exit when a directory name changes.

-a, --all
    Exit when any of the events above occurs. That is, this is a shorthand for -BMZWSD.
-q, --quiet, --silent
    Do not print warnings when the executed commands exits with a non-zero return value.
-h, --help
    Show this summary of options.




w32notify was written by Michael Henke

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