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API Documentation for all of Mollie's public APIs.
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Mollie public API documentation

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This project contains the source of all of Mollie's public API documentation. The full documentation (in an easy to use format) may be found at


We take pull requests on our documentation as well, if you think that something can be improved please open a PR.

The documentation is formatted using reStructuredText. All documentation should be written in US English.

Note that PhpStorm comes with a reStructuredText plugin. You can enable it from the Plugins preferences pane. It enables some syntax highlighting.


  • Python > 2.7.9 (with pip to install dependencies)
  • Node > 9.x

Running locally

Download a copy of this repository:

git clone

Then visit the downloaded repository and install dependencies:

cd api-documentation
make install

Generate docs

Finally, build the documentation, its CSS and JS files by running:

make html

You can now preview the docs by opening build/html/index.html:

open build/html/index.html

Styling docs

You can make changes to the styling by starting a web server locally:

make start

Visit http://localhost:8000 to preview your changes. CSS & JS changes will appear without the need to refresh your browser.


If you are having issues, please let us know. We accept pull requests on our public documentation.

You can get support via

Working at Mollie

Mollie is always looking for new talent to join our teams. We’re looking for inquisitive minds with good ideas and strong opinions, and, most importantly, who know how to ship great products. Want to join the future of payments? Check out our vacancies.


The documentation is licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

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