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This script will let you setup dutodeployment your repositories by using git's post-receive script.
It initiate a --bare repository auto setup the post-receive script into the bare repo.

Feel free to contribute.


Clone this repository into your repositories(where all --bare repos will lives in) folder
$ git clone


Make sure to have the repositories folder in /srv/users/<user>/apps/repositories.
Add --bare repository with post-receive script.
$ sh -repository <repository> -branch <staging|production>

Add the remote to our local machine repository.
$ git remote add <staging|production> <user>@<host>:/srv/users/<user>/apps/repositories/<repository>.git

Deploy using this command
$ git push <staging|production> <branch>

Other servers




  • Add option to auto migrate databases when deployed
  • Add support for more servers
  • Add ability to set composer install at the post-receive script
  • Add CMS specifics support
  • Add type of project support (rails, react, angular, etc...)
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