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This is a bare-bones implementation of Chromium Embedded Framework 3. It's meant to help developers get off the ground with CEF3 and nothing more.
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Bare Bones Chromium Embedded Framework 3
CEF Project:

This is a bare-bones implementation of CEF3. It's only the minimum that you
need in order to show a window with a few browser frames.  The code is not
high-quality and there's a good chance it has a number of issues.  Use it as
a starting point for getting your application off the ground, but take a look
at the "cefclient" project distributed with CEF3 itself for a full-featured 
look into how to implement CEF3.

At some point I'll probably update this to include versions for OS X and
Windows, but at this point it's only GTK+ under Linux.

Please note that this code is unsupported.  If you're having problems
getting an implementation up and running, please look at the CEF project site
and visit the CEF project Support Forum for help.

If you do notice something I've done wrong or you'd like to add to the code
to help future developers, please let me know so I can get it added in here!


This repository includes a binary build of CEF3.  The version of CEF3
currently included is: 1271


Run the shell script from the root of the repository and provide
either 'x86' or 'x86_64' to the script depending on the architecture you're
running on.

$ ./ x86
$ ./ x86_64


The build script copies all the binary files (including libraries and 
run-time files) to the build/ directory in the root of the repository.  To 
run the binaries, change to the build directory and run the following:

If you're running some environment in X:
$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./barebones --no-sandbox

If you're running from a terminal and want to run it in X on the main 
screen (nice if you're running over SSH like I am):
$ DISPLAY=:0 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. xinit ./barebones --no-sandbox

The --no-sandbox parameter tells chromium to run without a sandbox. This
is not recommended (especially for production) by the Chromium team as it
poses a security risk, but it's the easiest way to get this running quickly.

If you're having a problem running with the libraries provided, you may need
to compile your own binaries.  These were built on the latest Arch Linux
around 1/8/2013.

CEF is licensed under the New BSD License. I take no claim to any code
provided by CEF, so take a look at the project's site for more details.

The implementation code is licensed under the "I don't care" license.  Do
whatever you want with it, but use it at your own risk!

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