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Remove U-Sets for now.

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1 parent f5c7bbf commit b88f5da8ef9b799bf8c39309032f89028029580f Kyle Kingsbury committed
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@@ -43,29 +43,6 @@ JSON:
In this set, only 'a' is present.
-TODO: Not sure how to implement this in a state-based system without causal
-ordering guarantees. Suggestions?
-U-Sets are a simplification of 2P-Sets.
-1. Elements must be unique: a removed element will never be added again.
-2. Add(e) is delivered before remove(e).
-The remove set is therefore redundant; one can delete any element which is
-present. Simultaneous adds and deletes of the same element are not allowed.
-``` javascript
- 'type': 'u-set',
- 'a': ['a', 'b', 'c']

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