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Automatically re-run clojure tests
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Running tests with lein test means waiting for the JVM startup, and waiting for the project to compile. Prism recompiles and reloads files as you change them, and re-runs their corresponding tests immediately. Inspired by Midje's excellent autotest.


Check out Clojars for the latest version number, then add Prism to ~/.lein/profiles.clj:

 {:plugins [[com.aphyr/prism "0.1.1"]]
  :dependencies [[com.aphyr/prism "0.1.1"]]}}

You could alternatively add Prism to the dev dependencies in a given project--but this lets you use Prism against any project regardless of its project.clj.

Then, just run lein prism in your project directory. It'll do a full test first, then as you write .clj files, it'll re-run the corresponding test namespace. Prism assumes your tests are named foo.core-test.

Brought to you by

Raynes and Aphyr!

Why "Prism"?

It may be snooping on everything you write, and checking to make sure it's not dangerous. Or maybe not! Exciting!


Released under the Eclipse Public License; the same as Clojure.

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