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gem install producer_consumer


ProducerConsumer is a model for distributing work concurrently. A producer runs a block over and over again, yielding a list of objects. Those objects are handed to consumers. Producers run in n distinct threads, and consumers run in m distinct threads. When a producer is done, it may optionally call .finish on its block argument to signal that it has completed its work. #run will wait for all producers to finish, and terminate the consumers when all items have been processed.

ProducerConsumer.produce 4 do |p|
  # 4 threads will produce items. When they're done, they call p.finish.
  some_item or p.finish
end.consume 10 do |item|
  # 10 threads will consume items produced by the above block.
  puts item

Here's an example which reads keys from a file and performs deletes against Riak, across 40 concurrent connections, including status messages.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'rubygems'
require 'riak'
require 'producer_consumer'

f =
c = 0

ProducerConsumer.produce do |p|
    key = f.readline.chomp

    puts "<- #{c}" if c % 100 == 0
    [c += 1, k.chomp]
end.consume(40) do |c, key|
  puts "-> #{c}" if c % 100 == 0

  r = (Thread.current['riak'] ||= => '', :protocol => 'pbc'))

    r['my_bucket'].delete key, :w => 1, :dw => 0
  rescue Riak::ProtobuffsFailedRequest
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