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(ns skuld.flake
"ID generation. Flake IDs are 160 bits, and comprise:
[64 bits | Timestamp, in milliseconds since the epoch]
[32 bits | a per-process counter, reset each millisecond]
[48 bits | a host identifier]
[16 bits | the process ID]
Note that the timestamp is not Posix time or UTC time. Instead we use the
JVM's nanoTime, which is a linear time source over intervals smaller than
~292 years, and use it to compute an offset from the POSIX time as measured
*once* by System/currentTimeMillis.
Regressions in time are not allowed; Flake will periodically serialize the
current time to disk to prevent regressions."
(:require [primitive-math :as p])
(:use [potemkin :only [deftype+]])
(:import ( ManagementFactory)
( InetAddress
(java.nio ByteBuffer)
( MessageDigest)
(java.util Arrays)
(java.util.concurrent.atomic AtomicInteger)))
(defonce initialized (atom false))
; Cached state
(declare time-offset*)
(declare ^"[B" node-fragment*)
; Mutable state
(deftype+ Counter [^long time ^int count])
(defonce counter (atom (Counter. Long/MIN_VALUE Integer/MIN_VALUE)))
(defn pid
"Process identifier, such as it is on the JVM. :-/"
(let [name (.. ManagementFactory getRuntimeMXBean getName)]
(Integer. ^String (get (re-find #"^(\d+).*" name) 1))))
(defn ^"[B" node-id
"We take all hardware addresses, sort them bytewise, concatenate, hash, and
truncate to 48 bits."
(let [addrs (->> (NetworkInterface/getNetworkInterfaces)
(map #(.getHardwareAddress ^NetworkInterface %))
(remove nil?))
md (MessageDigest/getInstance "SHA-1")]
(assert (< 0 (count addrs)))
(doseq [addr addrs]
(.update md ^bytes addr))
; 6 bytes is 48 bits
(Arrays/copyOf (.digest md) 6)))
(defn time-offset-estimate
"Tries to figure out the time offset between epochMillis and nanoTime. You
can add this offset to nanoTime to reconstruct POSIX time, only linearized
from a particular instant."
(- (* 1000000 (System/currentTimeMillis))
(defn mean-time-offset
"Computes the offset, in nanoseconds, between the current nanoTime and the
system. Takes n samples."
(-> (->> (repeatedly time-offset-estimate)
(map double)
(take n)
(reduce +))
(/ n)
(defn linear-time
"Returns a linearized time in milliseconds, roughly corresponding to time
since the epoch."
(p/div (p/+ (unchecked-long time-offset*) (System/nanoTime))
(defn node-fragment
"Constructs an eight-byte long byte array containing the node ID and process
(let [a (byte-array 8)]
(doto (ByteBuffer/wrap a)
(.put (node-id))
(.putShort (unchecked-short (pid))))
(defn init!
"Initializes the flake generator state."
(locking initialized
(if (false? @initialized)
(def ^long time-offset* (mean-time-offset 10))
(def ^"[B" node-fragment* (node-fragment))
(reset! initialized true)))))
(defn ^long count!
"Increments and gets the count for a given time."
(.count ^Counter (swap! counter
(fn [^Counter c]
(< (.time c) t') (Counter. t' Integer/MIN_VALUE)
(= (.time c) t') (Counter. t' (p/inc (.count c)))
:else (throw (IllegalStateException.
"time can't flow backwards.")))))))
(defn ^bytes id
"Generate a new flake ID; returning a byte array."
(let [id (try
(let [t (linear-time)
c (count! t)
b (ByteBuffer/allocate 20)]
(.putLong b t)
(.putInt b (count! t))
(.put b node-fragment*)
(.array b))
(catch IllegalStateException e
; Lost the race to count for this time; retry.
(if (= id ::recur)
(defn byte-buffer
"Wraps a byte[] in a ByteBuffer."
[^bytes b]
(ByteBuffer/wrap b))