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For an overview, read the blog post announcing this new version.

  • API Platform now provides both server-side and client-side tools, segregated in specific Docker containers:
    • api: the API component integrated with a tailored version of Symfony Flex
    • admin: the admin (ReactJS based)
    • client: the Progressive Web App (includes generators for React/Redux, Vue.js, TypeScript and React Native)
    • h2-proxy: a development HTTPS and HTTP/2 proxy
  • A Helm chart is provided to instantly deploy the app in a Kubernetes cluster
  • The API component has been upgraded to 2.2.0 beta 1 and includes a ton of new features like GraphQL and JSON API support
  • The Schema Generator component has been upgraded to 2.1.0 beta 1, that is now compatible with the Symfony Flex directory structure
  • Symfony has been upgraded to the version 4 and now uses Symfony Flex
  • The default database image is now PostgreSQL instead of MySQL
  • PHP has been upgraded to 7.2