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This application is a demonstration for the API Platform Framework. Try it online at

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Read the official "Getting Started" guide.

$ git clone
$ cd demo
$ docker compose up --wait

You can now go to https://localhost

What Can I Find In This Demo?

This demo application contains several things you may be interested:

Feature Usage
Bringing your Own Model Search usage
Model Scaffolding Search usage
Plugging the Persistence System Search usage
Exposing Enums with API Platform Search usage
Validating Data Search usage
Configuring Operations Search usage
Defining Which Operation to Use to Generate the IRI Search usage
Subresources Search usage
Doctrine ORM Filters Search usage
Creating Custom Doctrine ORM Filters Search usage
Overriding Default Order Search usage
Changing the Number of Items per Page Client-side For a Specific Resource Search usage
Advanced serialization Search usage
User Support Search usage
Custom Doctrine ORM Extension Search usage
Custom State Processor Search usage
Creating Async APIs using the Mercure Protocol Search usage
Advanced Authentication and Authorization Rules Search usage
API Testing Search usage
The Admin Search usage
A Next.js Web App Search usage
Deploying to a Kubernetes Cluster Search usage

Note: this demo application implements OpenID Connect Specification Support (using Keycloak). See usage in API and usage in PWA.


Read the contributing guide


Created by Kévin Dunglas. Commercial support available at