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API Platform Demo

This application is a demonstration for the API Platform Framework. Try it online at


$ git clone
$ cd demo
$ docker-compose up -d

Then load the demo fixtures:

$ docker-compose exec php composer load-fixtures

You can now go to https://localhost

What can I find in this demo?

This demo application contains several things you may be interested.

API Testing

All entities used in this project are thoroughly tested. Each test class extends the ApiTestCase, which contains specific API assertions. It will make your tests much more straightforward than using the standard WebTestCase provided by Symfony.

Custom data provider

This example shows how to expose a CSV file as a standard API Platform endpoint. It also shows how to make this endpoint paginated with an extension.

Overriding the OpenAPI Specification

This example shows how to document an API endpoint that isn't handled by API Platform. This "legacy" endpoint is listed and testable like the other ones thanks to the Swagger interface.