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WS-REST 2016

WS-REST 2016

Workshop on Web APIs and RESTful Design – 9 June 2016 – USI Lugano, Switzerland, room 254 (second floor, via Buffi 13, 6900 Lugano).

Welcome to the WS-REST 2016 wiki! Some WS-REST 2016 Resources:

Quo Vadis - Suggestions/Comments WS-REST

Photo Album

Here's a brief overview of the wiki content:

In a departure from previous years' format, this year's WS-REST workshop is held as an open conference. This means that it is less of a presentation-focused event, and more focusing on the participatory experience. All participants create wiki-based profiles and propose presentation topics for short or longer presentations. There is an open selection process which allows all participants to decide how the program for the day is going to look like. This is a first for WS-REST, but has been successfully tried in many other events. We are looking forward to an exciting an engaging day of discussions and debates with all WS-REST participants!

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