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A jQuery plugin (TileViewer) and supporting script (make_tiles.sh).


A bash script which uses ImageMagick to split a large image into a number of tiles at various zoom levels. These images are saved along with a setting.json file in the output directory. The tile size of 256 pixels was chose somewhat at random, though smaller sizes tend to cause a computational hit, while larger sizes take longer to load. For most photos jpg is the more compact output form. Python, /usr/bin/bc, and simple bash math is used in computations.

Please note that the output directory will be deleted by the script before it creates any images.

usage ./make_tiles.sh options

This script will convert the submitted file into a collection of tiles for use with the TileViewer jQuery plugin.

	-h	Shows this message
	-i	Source file name (required)
	-o	Output directory (required). This directory will be irrevocably removed if it already exists!
	-t	Output file type, "jpg" by default.  May be anything ImageMagick supports as an image output file (jpg, png, gif)
	-b	Background color, "#444" by default.
	-s	Tile size in pixels, 256 by default


The jQuery Plugin. In general it simply requires a div with relative or absolute positioning and a set height and width. An example of how to use this plugin can be found in the index.html code. The imagedir is a required parameter. This should point to the directory which contains the output of the make_tiles.sh script. Do not include a trailing slash in the imagedir.


This project is distributed under the Apache License version 2.