A pebble watch face that presents some useful information
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Data Watch

Pebble Smartwatch Data Watch face

Watchface items from the top:

  • Full date
  • UTC time. Bold indicates that the location data is fresh, while regular font indicates a problem with the GPS coordinates or communication. The pebble program on the phone should probably be restarted.
  • Local time
  • Timer. Shake (tap) the watch to reset the timer to zero.
  • Sunrise time, civil twilight duration, and sunset time
  • Battery status and Bluetooth status

Do what you wish with this code, but you should probably mention the folks below if you use the astronomical bits.

This watchface uses some of the ideas and code from smognus at https://github.com/smognus/sunset-watch who references KarbonPebbler's watchface at http://www.mypebblefaces.com/apps/1528/2270/ .

KarbonPebbler adds these additional credits to his source:

  • Michael Ehrmann (Boldo) for the original SunClock source
  • Chad Harp for the Almanac source
  • Dersie for beta testing the revised code