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This article represents conceptual future plans for the API Blueprint language.


The goal is for API Blueprint to be high level API description language. Simple and accessible. Focused primarily on the semantics of API's application domain, data modeling and relations. Offering high reusability through the MSON syntax and modularity.

API Blueprint must avoid forcing user to to a particular design principle (architectural style). It should – however – radically simplify the design of Hypermedia (REST) and HTTP-based APIs.

The API Blueprint should be protocol, architectural style and media type agnostic. API Blueprint files should not - by default – contain message payloads and other API description assets (JSON, XML, JSON Schema blobs).


Prioritized list of core features to be developed:

  1. Response based on parameter values
  2. Affording Actions
  3. MSON Parameters and Headers
  4. Authentication
  5. Multiple files – modularity
  6. External Assets
  7. State machine description
  8. Hypermedia media types
  9. Abstract protocol layer
  10. Scenarios & Testing

This list includes only the most conceptual – core – features of API Blueprint. Too see the complete list check the GitHub issues.


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