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#!/usr/bin/env gem build
# encoding: utf-8
project_root = File.dirname(__FILE__)
$:.unshift(File.expand_path(File.join(project_root, "lib")))
require "apiary/version" do |gem| = "apiaryio"
gem.version = Apiary::VERSION = "Apiary Ltd." = ""
gem.homepage = ""
gem.summary = " API client"
gem.description = " API client"
gem.executables = "apiary"
gem.license = "MIT"
gem.files = Dir.glob("#{project_root}/{lib,spec,apiary.gemspec,Gemfile,,LICENSE}/**/*")
gem.add_dependency "nake"
gem.add_dependency "rest-client", "~> 1.6.1"
gem.add_dependency "launchy", ">= 0.3.2"
gem.post_install_message = "This gem is a client for Apiary is in closed beta version now, you need an invitation. If you don't have one, visit to get on the waiting list!"
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