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<div id="content"><div id='filecontents'><h1>apiaryio</h1>
<p> CLI</p>
<p>This gem is not the official apiaryio gem and is under development. You can find the
official gem from Apiary at <a href=""></a></p>
<p>Ruby 1.9.x</p>
<p>Apiaryio gem provides a way to display your API documentation on your local
machine, either using static files or using a standalone web server</p>
<pre class="code ruby"><code>$ apiary help
Usage: apiary command [options]
Try 'apiary help' for more information.
Currently available apiary commands are:
preview Show API documentation in default browser
preview --browser [chrome|safari|firefox] Show API documentation in specified browser
preview --path [PATH] Specify path to blueprint file
preview --api_host [HOST] Specify apiary host
preview --server Start standalone web server on port 8080
preview --server --port [PORT] Start standalone web server on specified port
help Show help
version Show version
<p>Copyright 2012 (c) Emili Parreño</p>
<p>Released under MIT license. See LICENSE file for further details.</p>
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