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Apiary CLI client
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apiaryio CLI

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install gem (required)

gem install apiaryio

setup credentials (required for publish and fetch command only)

  1. Retrieve APIKEY on
  2. Save it to your environment variables :
export APIARY_API_KEY=<your_token_retrieved_on_step_1>


The Apiary CLI gem is a command line tool for developing and previewing API Blueprint documents locally. It can also be used for pushing updated documents to and fetching existing documents from

Please see the full documentation for an in-depth look in how to use this tool.


$ apiary help

Usage: apiary command [options]
Try 'apiary help' for more information.

Currently available apiary commands are:

  preview                                     Show API documentation in default browser
  preview --browser [chrome|safari|firefox]   Show API documentation in specified browser
  preview --output [FILE]                     Write generated HTML into specified file
  preview --path [PATH]                       Specify path to blueprint file
  preview --api_host [HOST]                   Specify apiary host
  preview --server                            Start standalone web server on port 8080
  preview --server --port [PORT]              Start standalone web server on specified port
  publish --api-name [API_NAME]               Publish apiary.apib on
  publish --api-name [API_NAME] \
          --message [COMMIT_MESSAGE]          Publish with custom commit message
  fetch   --api-name [API_NAME]               Fetch apiary.apib from
          --output [FILE]                     Write apiary.apib into specified file
  help                                        Show this help
  version                                     Show version


Copyright 2012-15 (c) Apiary Ltd.


  • Jakub Nešetřil
  • James Charles Russell [botanicus]
  • Lukáš Linhart [Almad]
  • Emili Parreño
  • Peter Grilli [Tu1ly]
  • Ladislav Prskavec
  • Honza Javorek
  • Matthew Rudy Jacobs
  • Adam Kliment
  • Jack Repenning
  • Peter Strapp
  • Pierre Merlin
  • František Hába
  • Benjamin Arthur Lupton


Released under MIT license. See LICENSE file for further details.

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