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Info about new parser
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+title: New and improved PEG parser
+excerpt: We are happy to announce that we have completed migration to a rewrite of our blueprint parser. The parser is now open-source and will serve as a base for further improvements of our format.
+layout: post
+date: 2013-02-05 18:00:00 +1000
+author: Lukas
+# New and improved PEG parser
+I'm excited to to announce that I have finally completed migration
+to our new parser. It is more robust, more formal, totally open-source
+and will serve as a base for further improvements of our syntax.
+With that, Apiary Blueprint Format is now defined as a proper grammar.
+Both grammar and javascript parser (works both in browser and in
+[node.js]( are open-source and
+[available on github](
+It is based on [PEG.js](
+and I'd like to thank its author, [David Majda](,
+for writing it and also contributing enormously to Apiary blueprint grammar.
+# Backward compatibility
+We have worked hard to maintain backward compatibility. However, there
+are some areas where the behavior of the old parser
+was undefined and while it is valid with new parser, it may lead to
+unexpected results. Therefore, we encourage you to take a look at your
+documentation, verify everything is OK and [let us know](
+if you need help.
+The main change comes with header and payload definition. In some places,
+the old parser incorrectly accepted empty newlines inside headers or
+payload. This is not allowed as empty line indicates "end of the
+resource". If you need to have empty lines inside your payload, you
+may take advantage of our new "heredoc" syntax:
+ POST /resource
+ > Content-Type: text/css
+ <<<EOT
+ body {color: purple}
+ .content {text: pink}
+ < 200
+ < Content-Type: application/xml
+ <<<EOT
+ <result>
+ <ok/>
+ </result>
+EOT may any alphanumeric sequence of your choice.
+# Brave new world
+The new parser will allow us to be more agile in the [evolution of our format](/2013/01/27/New-API-Blueprint-Format/).
+[The grammar](
+now also serves as a formal definition of our language.
+Many people from the open-source community asked us how they can integrate with our format, whether that is automatic generation of [frisby.js]( tests or scaffolding of Ruby apps. We love open-source, so we embrace this collaboration wholeheartly.
+Hopefully, the new parser should make this easier for us all.
+To be future-proof, you should use a [generator for your language](
+and use our grammar directly. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our
+[mailing list](!forum/apiary-blueprint-parser),
+where you can find information about new releases and important changes.
+# Let us know
+Created something cool with apiary? Let us know! Mention [us on twitter]( or write me to [](
+We'll be glad to hear from you!
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