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New API Blueprint available at Apiary Origin

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+title: New API Blueprint available at Apiary
+excerpt: "A great leap forward for your API design"
+layout: post
+date: 2013-10-20 10:00:00 -0800
+author: zdenek
+published: NO
+The new [API Blueprint]( has officially arrived at Apiary. The API Blueprint is a documentation-oriented API description language that [drives everything in Apiary]( Today I am proud to announce the availability of its new, from the ground redesigned, version at Apiary.
+While it might take additional weeks before the new API Blueprint becomes the default format of Apiary you can already opt-in today. To get started with the new API Blueprint simply login into, create a new API and start with the `FORMAT: 1A` line. Visit the [API Blueprint Tutorial]( for a quick dive into its syntax.
+## The New & the Old
+API Blueprint builds upon the legacy of the original API Blueprint format. It remains the perfect lightweight form for capturing ideas about your new API while delivering robustness, readability, scaleability, and DRY-ness.
+It's new [parser]( takes care of helping you throughout the API design process giving your reasonable explanations instead of just the infamous `"Me explode"` message should a syntax problem occur.
+## Completely Open
+Both the API Blueprint and its reference parser are completely open sourced. You can, and I hope you will, influence its future in its [Milestones](
+In addition, you are more than welcome to use the API Blueprint, its parser or the [tools built on top of it]( at any point in your own toolchain. Just do not forget to to let the API Blueprint community know!
+## Integration with Apiary
+The new API Blueprint represent such a great update to the current API Blueprint that not all of its features has been yet fully embraced within the Apiary. All of these, including the automated conversion from the legacy format to the new one, will arrive during the course of this autumn.
+We constantly strive to deliver you the single best experience designing your API and we believe the new API Blueprint is such an awesome leap forward.
+For more details about API Blueprint visit the []( For the latest on API Blueprint follow [@apiblueprint]( at Twitter.

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