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+title: Apiary Powers Akamai's Developer Portal
+excerpt: "The world's largest infrastructure company uses Apiary to help them reach developers"
+layout: post
+date: 2013-10-09 19:00:00 +0100
+author: jakub
+published: NO
+Over the past 12 months since launching Apiary publicly, we've been constantly humbled and flattered by the enthusiasm and worldwide adoption of the tools we're building. Like many other startups building tools for software developers, we expected an adoption curve that starts with hackers, early-adopters and enthusiasts, grows to smaller business companies and perhaps, if we do a great job, eventually gets used by the industry titans.
+However the reality has a tendency to always blast past our expectations.
+When it comes to Internet infrastructure, it doesn't get much bigger then Akamai. With over 130,000 servers world-wide and routing 30% of the Web's traffic, the Internet would simply be a different place without Akamai. Today, Akamai is launching their new API platform cutting across the services of the whole company. And to offer the best possible experience for their developers, they have come to Apiary.
+So did owners of 28,000 other APIs. We're deeply humbled and thankful. And we're working very hard to offer products that will blow your mind.
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