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+title: Collaborating Through GitHub
+excerpt: One of our most popular feature requests is **collaboration among multiple users**. Here's how you can use our GitHub integration to do that
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+# Collaborating Through GitHub
+One of our most popular [feature requests]( is **collaboration among multiple users**. We hear you - but we want to get the collaboration model right - and we're working on it, but it will take time. However, that does not mean you cannot start collaborating with your colleagues on your API design right away. We [launched our GitHub integration]( a couple month back. Here's how to use it to your advantage!
+1. Go to your [Settings page]( and connect Apiary to any of your GitHub repositories
+2. You can use both public and private repositories, we recommend to use a public one (unless your documentation is hidden from the world):
+ ![Github Repos Association](/images/2012-09-13-github-repos.png)
+3. Once you connect your GitHub repo, we automatically synchronize your API Blueprint into GitHub.
+4. You can now edit the blueprint on your local computer, push it into GitHub—and your documentation changes instantly. We receive webhooks from GitHub and scan for changes to the API Blueprint.
+5. You can cooperatively edit with everybody, and let Git take care of the merging/versioning.
+ <blockquote>**Note:** From now on, your repository is the source of authority - any changes you make directly in Apiary will be overwritten during your next push to GitHub</blockquote>
+6. To simplify the edit-preview-commit-push cycle of the git workflow, we've created an [Apiary Ruby Gem]( to help you preview the documentation before pushing to GitHub. Just run
+ sudo gem install apiaryio
+ <...go to your blueprint directory...>
+ apiary preview
+ <...generates and previews your documentation...>
+ You can also just run `--help` to get a list of all commands:
+ $ apiary --help
+ Usage: apiary command [options]
+ Try 'apiary help' for more information.
+ Currently available apiary commands are:
+ preview Show API documentation in default browser
+ preview --browser [chrome|safari|firefox] Show API documentation in specified browser
+ preview --path [PATH] Specify path to blueprint file
+ preview --api_host [HOST] Specify apiary host
+ preview --server Start standalone web server on port 8080
+ preview --server --port [PORT] Start standalone web server on specified port
+ help Show help
+ version Show version
+ <blockquote>We're also working on syntax highlighting for your editor&mdash;[let us know]( which editor you're using!</blockquote>
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