Building on Windows

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Supported MVSC Version

Drafter officially supports Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 or higher.

Build Drafter

  1. Install Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop

  2. Install Python 2.7

  3. Install Git

  4. Clone apiaryio/drafter recursively using GitHub client or git clone --recursive in the Git Shell

  5. Open Command Prompt and change directory (cd) to Drafter e.g.:

     > z:
     > cd Apiary\drafter
  6. Run vcbuild.bat:

     > vcbuild.bat
  7. Run Drafter tests:

     > vbuild.bat test
  8. Run Drafter integration tests (optional)

     > vbuild.bat inttest

Visual Studio Solution File

Running vcbuild.bat (step 6) also generates the Drafter MSVS solution file - drafter.sln. You can find it inside the snowcrash/build directory and open it with your Visual Studio.

Older Versions of Visual Studio

You can control the version of MSVS solution file generated by specifying a MSVC20XX flag while invoking the vcbuild.bat. Run vcbuild.bat /? to see the list of supported MSVC versions.

Drafter Integration Tests

Drafter integrations tests are done using Cucumber and Aruba. You can find the tests features in the features directory.

In order to run the tests you need to have Ruby and Bundle gem installed on your systems:

  1. Install Ruby 1.9.3-p545 (check Add Ruby executable to your PATH on the installation)

  2. Update RubyGems

  3. Use Command Prompt to install the Bundle gem

     > gem install bundle
  4. Run the integration tests

     > vbuild.bat inttest

Note: You can use ansicon to enhance Cucumber output in the Command Prompt.

Note: If you are running the tests manually using bundle exec cucumber make sure to set ENV['PATH'] to include the directory with drafter.exe (done automatically using vcbuild.bat inttest).

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