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Dredd — HTTP API Testing Framework

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Dredd - HTTP API Testing Framework

Dredd is a language-agnostic command-line tool for validating API description document against backend implementation of the API.

Dredd reads your API description and step by step validates whether your API implementation replies with responses as they are described in the documentation.

Supported API Description Formats

Supported Hooks Languages

Dredd supports writing hooks — a glue code for each test setup and teardown. Following languages are supported:

Supported Systems


$ npm install -g dredd

Quick Start

  1. Create an API Blueprint file called api-description.apib. Follow tutorial at API Blueprint website or just take one of the ready-made examples.

  2. Run interactive configuration:

    $ dredd init
  3. Run Dredd:

    $ dredd
  4. To see how to use all Dredd's features, browse the full documentation.

Howtos, Tutorials, Blogposts (3rd party)

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