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Dredd Example

This is an example application to demonstrate how easily you can employ the Dredd testing tool as part of your API design life cycle.

How It Works

There is a sample Gist Fox API implementation in the app.js file. Every time code of the application is modified and the changes are sent to GitHub, they are tested by Dredd in CI against both API Blueprint and OpenAPI 2 (fka Swagger) API description formats. If the implementation doesn't follow description of the API, the CI build fails.

API Description Examples

API Blueprint

OpenAPI 2 (formerly known as Swagger)

CI Examples

CI Configuration Status
Wercker wercker.yml Wercker Build Status
Travis CI .travis.yml Travis CI Build Status
CircleCI .circleci/config.yml CircleCI Build Status
AppVeyor appveyor.yml AppVeyor Build Status
Jenkins Jenkinsfile N/A


To learn more about about Dredd, read:

To learn how to use Dredd with your CI, read: