CLI test suite for boilerplating Dredd hooks handler in new language
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Cross-Language Test Suite for Dredd Hooks

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Language-agnostic BDD test suite for boilerplating implementation of Dredd hooks handler for a new language. It tests the public interface of the hooks handler and ensures it will work as Dredd expects. It's written in Gherkin and ran by Aruba.


Install the features dependencies

npm install -g dredd
git clone
cd dredd-hooks-template
bundle install

Enable the features for your language

  1. Open the feature files in ./features/*.feature
  2. In all of them, replace:
  • {{mylanguage}} by the hooks handler command for you language
  • {{myextension}} by the extension for your language
  1. Implement the code examples in your language
  2. Run the test suite: bundle exec cucumber

Add the features to your project

If the test suite did run as expected, you can now add the features to your project. To do so, copy to your project:

  1. the entire features/ directory
  2. the Gemfile, Gemfile.lock and .ruby-version

Your should now be able to install the features dependencies and run the test suite in your project.

Finally, make bundle exec cucumber part of your test suite and CI (see .travis.example.yml if you are using Travis CI).


The feature files syntax is validated automatically. To perform the validation locally:

# Install the dependencies
npm install

# Run the linter
npm test


The Dredd Hooks Ruby gem and the Dredd Hooks Python package can be used as references to use this cross-language test suite.