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We are grateful for any contributions made by the community. Even seemingly small contributions such as fixing a typo in the documentation or reporting a bug are very appreciated!

🐛 Reporting bugs

Before reporting a bug, please try to first search existing GitHub issues to see whether your problem wasn't already discussed.

To report a bug, open a new GitHub issue. To report privately, e.g. to alert the maintainers about a security problem, please contact Apiary Support.

💬 Asking questions

Before asking a question, please try to first search Dredd's documentation, Apiary Help.

You can always contact Apiary Support, but we prefer if you ask publicly, because it allows to spread the knowledge across the community of all Dredd users:

Also, we consider unclear or missing documentation to be a bug, so often your question can start a valuable improvement.

📖 Improving documentation

The documentation is written as code in the reStructuredText format and its source files are located in the docs directory. It is published automatically by the ReadTheDocs when the master branch is updated.

If you want to propose improvements to the documentation, you don't need to install the whole project. Usually it is just fine to use the GitHub's editing features.

When committing your changes, please use the prefix your commit message with docs:

docs: add more OpenAPI examples

You can learn more about Dredd's codebase in the Internals section of the documentation.

🛠 Proposing changes to code

Before you start

Improving Dredd

  1. Fork and clone Dredd
  2. Run npm install
  3. Write your code and tests
  4. Use the Conventional Changelog format for the commit message
  5. Check your changes with npm run lint