Swagger 2.0 parser adapter for Fury.js
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Fury Swagger 2.0 Adapter

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This adapter provides support for parsing Swagger 2.0 in Fury.js. It does not yet provide a serializer.

Try the Fury adapter in your browser to convert Swagger 2.0 documents into Refract elements.


npm install fury-adapter-swagger


import fury from 'fury';
import swaggerAdapter from 'fury-adapter-swagger';


fury.parse({source: '... your Swagger 2.0 document ...'}, (err, result) => {
  if (err) {

  // The returned `result` is a Minim parse result element.

Parser Codes

The following codes are used by the parser when creating warning and error annotations.


Code Description
2 Source maps are unavailable due either to the input format or an issue parsing the input.
3 Data is being lost in the conversion.


Code Description
1 Error parsing input (e.g. malformed YAML).
4 Swagger validation error.
5 Swagger to Refract converter error (JS exception).

Swagger Vendor Extensions

Some Swagger Vendor extensions found in source Swagger documents are converted into the output API Element as extension elements.

The following locations of vendor extensions are supported:

  • within the info object
  • within the paths object
  • within the path-item object
  • within the operation object
  • within the responses object

These vendor extensions will be available as extensions using the relation https://help.apiary.io/profiles/api-elements/vendor-extensions/.