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@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ Please note that gzippo@0.0.X branch will only be tested for nodejs 0.4, where t
$ npm install gzippo
### Usage
+#### Static Gzip
In your express/connect server setup, use as follows:
@@ -30,13 +31,19 @@ Options:
- `prefix` - A url prefix. If you want all your static content in a root path such as /resource/. Any url paths not matching will be ignored
Currently the gzipped version is created and stored in memory. This is not final and was done to get a working version
-up and about. A version which will gzip text/html after res.render() / res.end() is in progress.
-Found gzippo helpful? Why don't you [tip us]( [![Flattr Button]( "Flattr This!")]( "gzippo - node.js gzip module")
-Bitcoin me: 1DnVpXSGubdyBSbyuJZNMNzkAVrwPJhaUL
+up and about.
Gzippo now uses the native Zlib support found in node >= 0.6
+#### Streaming Gzip
+Starting in Connect 2.X Expressjs has the ability to use a streaming gzip module provided natively by connect. As this 2.X branch is not currently stable I have back ported the compress.js component into gzippo.
+ app.use(gzippo.staticGzip(__dirname + '/public'));
+ app.use(gzippo.compress());
+This has no caching and is currently unsupported as it will be included in a future connect 1.X release, up until then compress.js will be included in gzippo.
## License
(The MIT License)

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