Funnel metrics from multiple Heroku apps into DataDog using statsd
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Heroku Datadog Drain

Funnel metrics from multiple Heroku apps into DataDog using statsd.

Supported Heroku metrics:

  • Heroku Router response times, status codes, etc.
  • Application errors
  • Heroku Postgres metrics
  • Heroku Dyno runtime metrics

Get Started

git clone
cd heroku-datadog-drain
heroku create
heroku config:set ALLOWED_APPS=<your-app-slug> <YOUR-APP-SLUG>_PASSWORD=<password>
git push heroku master
heroku ps:scale web=1
heroku drains:add https://<your-app-slug>:<password>@<this-log-drain-app-slug> --app <your-app-slug>


ALLOWED_APPS=my-app,..    # Required. Comma seperated list of app names
<APP-NAME>_PASSWORD=..    # Required. One per allowed app where <APP-NAME> corresponds to an app name from ALLOWED_APPS
<APP-NAME>_TAGS=mytag,..  # Optional. Comma seperated list of default tags for each app
<APP-NAME>_PREFIX=yee     # Optional. String to be prepended to all metrics from a given app
STATSD_URL=..             # Optional. Default: statsd://localhost:8125
DEBUG=                    # Optional. If DEBUG is set, a lot of stuff will be logged :)