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0.12.0 / 2012-07-26

  • Fixed Misc documenation
  • Changed Support Node.js >=v0.6

0.11.2 / 2012-04-10

  • Fixed Update support for underscore@1.3.3 [gh-70] [gh-71]


0.11.1 / 2012-04-01

  • Fixed Duplicate (string) tokens were being removed when extending a base template. [gh-67]


0.11.0 / 2012-02-27

  • Added Support for Windows style paths [gh-57]
  • Added ignore missing tokens to include tag
  • Changed include tag with context to only work if context is an object
  • Changed autoescape tag controls no longer 'yes' or 'no'. Use true and false
  • Changed parser is now passed into tags as an argument
  • Changed don't require passing context object when rendering template
  • Fixed dateformats N and w [gh-59]
  • Fixed number changing to string after add filter or set from variable [gh-53] [gh-58]
  • Fixed speed decrease caused by loop.cycle fixed
  • Fixed Ensure set tag bubbles through extends and blocks


0.10.0 / 2012-02-13

  • Added loop.index0, loop.revindex, loop.revindex0, and loop.cycle [gh-48]
  • Added init config extensions for 3rd party extension access in custom tags [gh-44]
  • Added Whitespace Control [gh-46]
  • Changed The empty tag in for loops is now else [gh-49]
  • Changed forloop vars to loop closes [gh-47]
  • Fixed include tag's with and only args documentation [gh-50]


0.9.4 / 2012-02-07

  • Fixed parent tag would not render when called within tags [gh-41]
  • Fixed Documentation for forloop.index & forloop.key [gh-42]
  • Fixed Errors when using include inside base template block tags [gh-43]
  • Fixed Allow set tag to set values to numbers [gh-45]
  • Fixed set tag for booleans using too many checks


0.9.3 / 2012-01-28

  • Fixed Allow object and array values to be accessed via context variables [gh-40]


0.9.2 / 2012-01-23

  • Fixed Correctly reset autoescape after closing an autoescape tag. [gh-39]


0.9.1 / 2012-01-18

  • Fixed Allow multi-line tags and comments. [gh-30]


0.9.0 / 2011-12-30

  • Added DateZ license to browser header, use link to underscore license.
  • Added Timezone support in date filter [gh-27].
  • Added New raw tag.
  • Changed Swig is no longer node 0.4 compatible.
  • Fixed Filter date('f') for 10am times.
  • Fixed Filter date('r') returns in UTC date format. This is more correct tospec RFC2822, per
  • Fixed Filter add when adding numbers/numbers+strings together.
  • Fixed Tests for error messages that changed in node >0.6.0.


0.8.0 / 2011-11-04

  • Added date filter formats z, W, t, L, o, B, and c.
  • Added New filter tag.
  • Added Node.js compatible 0.4.1 - 0.6.X
  • Added Allow setting cache globally or per-template.
  • Changed Removed swig.render and swig.fromString.
  • Changed swig.fromFile is now swig.compileFile.
  • Changed swig.init() will clear template cache.
  • Changed swig.init() is now optional for browser mode with no custom settings.
  • Changed Development dependencies are be more lenient.
  • Fixed Parser will properly preserver '\' escaping. [gh-24]
  • Fixed Rewrote tag argument parsing for proper space handling.
  • Fixed Rewrote filter argument parsing. [gh-23]
  • Fixed Allow pipe | characters in filter arguments. [gh-22]


0.7.0 / 2011-10-05

  • Added make browser will build Swig for use in major browsers. [gh-3]
  • Changed Allow overriding escape filters. [gh-19]


0.6.1 / 2011-10-02

  • Fixed chaining filters when the first takes a variable as an argument will not crash parsing.


0.6.0 / 2011-10-02

  • Added {% import foo as bar %} tag for importing macros.
  • Added Allow escaping for js in escape filter and autoescape tag.
  • Added raw filter to force variable to not be escaped.
  • Added escape and e filters to force variable to be escaped.
  • Added Allow filters to accept any JS objects, arrays, strings, and context variables.
  • Changed if, else, and else if tags support all JS-valid if-syntaxes + extra operators.
  • Fixed default filter for undefined variables. closes gh-18


0.5.0 / 2011-09-27

  • Added More error messaging in some edge cases.
  • Added Better error messaging including context and line numbers.
  • Changed Improved compile and render speeds.
  • Changed include tags accept context variables instead of just strings.
  • Changed Templates can be compiled and rendered from an absolute path outside of the template root.
  • Fixed Will not double escape output.


0.4.0 / 2011-09-24

  • Added Macro support docs
  • Changed Removed requirement to manually specify locals for express support.
  • Changed Increased cache lookup speed by removing crypto dependency.
  • Fixed length filter returns length of objects (number of keys).
  • Fixed Filters return empty string unless they can apply to the given object.
  • Fixed Filters will attempt to apply to all values in an object or array.


0.3.0 / 2011-09-17

  • Added Support for {% set ... %} tag.


0.2.3 / 2011-09-16

  • Fixed Critical fix for negations in if blocks.
  • Added Support for forloop.first in for blocks.
  • Added Support for forloop.last in for blocks.
  • Added Support for forloop.key in for blocks.
  • Added Support for {% empty %} in for blocks.


0.2.2 / 2011-09-16

  • Added Support for else if ... within if blocks.


0.2.1 / 2011-09-13

  • Added Support for else within if blocks.


0.2.0 / 2011-09-11

  • Fixed if statements allow filters applied to operands.
  • Fixed for loops allow filters applied to the object that will be iterated over.


0.1.9 / 2011-09-11

  • Added allowErrors flag will allow errors to be thrown and bubbled up. Default to catch errors.
  • Changed Internal speed improvements.


0.1.8 / 2011-09-10

  • Added add, addslashes, and replace filters.
  • Changed All tags that 'end' must use named ends like endblock, endif, endfor, etc...


0.1.7 / 2011-09-05

  • Added this History document
  • Fixed date filter to zero-pad correctly during september when using 'm' format


0.1.6 / 2011-09-04

  • Fixed Template inheritance blocks messing up.


0.1.5 / 2011-09-04

  • Added first, last, and uniq filters
  • Added ability to specify custom filters
  • Added ability to specify custom tags
  • Changed slots removed -- implement using custom tags if desired
  • Fixed ability to do either dot- or bracket-notation or mixed in variables
  • Fixed internal parsing helpers


0.1.3 / 2011-09-01

  • Fixed filter parser to work correctly with single-quoted params in filters.


0.1.2 / 2011-09-01

  • Initial swig publish after forking from node-t


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