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  • get latest dependencies, features and bug fixes
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  • get latest dependencies and bug fixes
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  • use CanOwn trait on parent models
  • sync translations with Laravel
  • update dependencies
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  • disable cors by default
  • update all third-party generated configs to their latest verions
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  • feat: sync phpunit configs with Laravel
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  • feat: sync .env with the latest Laravel .env
  • chore(dep)!: update dependencies
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v11.0.0 - 2022-04-27

Apiato 11 includes a variety of changes to the application skeleton. Please consult the diff to see what's new.

Release Notes


  • Added support for Laravel 9.0
  • Added new method to transformers: nullableItem()
    This helps in situations when you want to check if a relation is null and act base on that. So instead of writing something like this: return $user->something ? $this->item($user->something, new SomethingTransformer()) : $this->primitive(null); you can just write $this->nullableItem($user->something, new SomethingTransformer()) which returns null if the relation doesn't exist.
  • Added apiato:generate:policy command
  • You can publish compatible containers configs using php artisan vendor:publish for now these containers are updated:
  • Added new method: transactionalRun() to actions. This is just a wrapper around actions run() which puts in into a db::transaction
  • New commands:
    • apiato:generate:factory
    • apiato:generate:event
    • apiato:generate:listener
    • apiato:generate:middleware
  • apiato:generate:container command is greatly improved with new goodies!
    • added option to generate API events & listeners for generated container
    • added option to generate API tests for generated container
    • While generating Containers (API only) You can now choose to generate:
      • Events Listeners (experimental! I think this might be useless!)
        If you choose to generate Events: Events will be implemented in Tasks, e.g. CreateOrderTask will fire OrderCreatedEvent
      • Tests
        If you choose to generate Tests:
        If Events are generated then the generated Tests will also test Events being fired!
        Note: some generated tests are more like placeholders which you can uncomment and modify to your use case but nevertheless you will be way ahead!
        You can find the placeholder tests by searching for TODO TEST


  • Fixed a small issue with the HashIdTrait
  • Email verification now works actually! See the docs for more info.
  • +Numerous more bugfixes...


  • Updated Dependencies in composer.json file to the latest versions
  • In case of an exception with empty error bag we will now return {} instead of []
  • Localization language files are now loaded from languages folder instead of resources/languages
  • Global throttling on routes is now named api and is only applied to api routes and not the web routes and can be bypassed using withoutMiddleware() method on route.
  • Login attribute (email, name, etc...) is now case insensitive. This behaviour can be changed in the configs.
  • You can now choose between Multi Action or Single Action Controllers when using apiato:generate:container command.
  • Almost all middlewares are moved from ship to core
  • apiato:generate:serviceprovider is removed and changed into multiple separate commands
    • apiato:generate:provider:generic
    • apiato:generate:provider:main
    • apiato:generate:provider:middleware
    • apiato:generate:provider:event


  • Removed(command): apiato:permissions:toRole
  • Dropped support for Settings, Debugger, Payment
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  • fix a bug where a config was not loaded currectly
  • update dependencies
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Update dependencies

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  • update dependencies
  • bug fix