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ApiCra npm-github-win

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Api Creator it's DevopsTool with command line for NPMJS packages, connected with Github on Windows OS

  • Scripts for Development
  • Github
  • Npmjs
  • Bash commands (version for windows only), version for linux npm-github-linux



Commit, push to github and publish on package with one command:



publish the new Version by file package.json, Apicra is supporting tags versioning on Github and npmjs



Apicra is supporting tickets for versioning, so you have possibility to generate logs, history of your each version


Browser Support

Chrome Firefox Safari Opera Edge IE
Latest ✔ Latest ✔ Latest ✔ Latest ✔ Latest ✔ 11 ✔


Using npm:

npm install apicra

Using bower:

bower install apicra

Using yarn:

yarn add apicra

Using chocolate:

choco install apicra

clone testing scripts using git on windows console

git clone

install apicra tool on windows using git:


All files are copied to folder .apicra

    mkdir .apicra
    echo .apicra/ >> .gitignore
    git clone .apicra

If you need update apicra tool:


Create package.json


Check a version


Create first ticket


commit & push changes to git repository

How works Tickets


  • v1.0.1.txt
  • v1.0.2.txt ...

How works Variables


  • homepage.txt
  • package.txt
  • repository.txt
  • version.txt

from .ticket folder should be crating the file with details about all tickets for main version

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