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Apiary's API Elements parsing / navigation library written in Groovy
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GAEL - Groovy API Elements

A parser for API Elements written in Groovy.

The aim of GAEL is to simplify the use of API Elements descriptors in your Java/Groovy projects. Using a versatile and extensible structure, it provides wrappers with utility accessors and safe query functions that allow you to deal with the variability of the contents.


Get started by creating an Element by providing a parsed JSON API Elements document. As we do in our examples:

def data = new JsonSlurper().parse((InputStream)getClass().getResourceAsStream('/elements1.json'))
Element element = new Element(data)


Now you can deep dive into the document by using our methods such as:

// access the element content

// finds all the child resources elements. See Element class for more filters

// finds all the httpRequest elements in the hierarchy

 * iterating over the child elements. If the element is a messageBody, then its class is MessageBody
 * and therefore implements the getContentType() method
element.content().each {
    if ( it.type == 'messageBody' )
        println it.contentType

All the query methods may return Elements or specialized classes inheriting from Element.


Collectors are utilities that can simplify some common tasks when consuming API Elements. Collectors in fact collect interesting items that are spread in the elements tree.

The HrefCollector, searches a provided element and its descendants for 'href' attributes', collecting them as it finds them.


  • Write complete reference on the exposed API.
  • Extend the collectors functionality
  • Implement a more intuitive exception handling
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