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  1. apify-js

    Apify SDK — The scalable web crawling and scraping library for JavaScript. Enables development of data extraction and web automation jobs (not only) with headless Chrome and Puppeteer.

    JavaScript 1.4k 62

  2. act-page-analyzer

    Apify actor that opens a web page in headless Chrome and analyzes the HTML and JavaScript objects, looks for schema.org microdata and JSON-LD metadata, analyzes AJAX requests, etc.

    JavaScript 96 6

  3. proxy-chain

    Node.js implementation of a proxy server (think Squid) with support for SSL, authentication and upstream proxy chaining.

    JavaScript 101 10

  4. xlsx-stream

    JavaScript / Node.js library to stream data into an XLSX file

    JavaScript 5 2

  5. apify-client-js

    Apify API client for JavaScript / Node.js.

    JavaScript 13 2

  6. apify-cli

    Apify command line client helps you create, develop, build and run Apify actors, and manage Apify Cloud platform.

    JavaScript 16 4