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Public Docker images for Apify Actor serverless platform (

The sources for the images are present in subdirectories that are named as the corresponding Docker image. For example, the node-basic directory corresponds to the apify/actor-node-basic Docker image.

The images are using the following tags:

Tag Description
latest Well-tested production version of the image.
beta Development version of the image.


In order to build and publish a new version of the Docker images, first ensure you're logged in to your Docker Hub account by running:

docker login

Then build the Docker image:

./ node-basic

After the Docker image is well tested, it can be pushed with the latest tag:

docker push apify/actor-node-basic:latest

Then you can remove the images from your computer:



If the beta images were built by Travis CI and are already available on Docker Hub but not your local computer, then to publish them with the latest you need to run the following script:

./ node-basic

Do the same for other images,