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The purpose of Swagger Tools (swagger-tools) is to provide some useful Swagger tooling written for Node.js and the browser (where applicable). Use the links below to get specific documentation about the provided APIs and tools:

  • API: The JavaScript API for interacting with Swagger documents
  • CLI: The command line interface for swagger-tools
  • Middleware: Connect middleware using Swagger information for various things (Ex: Request validation, routing, ...)
  • Validation: Documentation on how our Swagger validation works


Swagger Tools is available for both Node.js and the browser. Installation instructions for each environment are below.


Installation for browser applications can be done via Bower or by downloading a standalone binary.

Using Bower

bower install swagger-tools --save

Standalone Binaries

The standalone binaries come in two flavors:


Installation for Node.js applications can be done via NPM.

npm install swagger-tools --save

If you want to use the swagger-tools executable for validating Swagger documents, you can install swagger-tools globally using the following:

npm install -g swagger-tools

At this point, you're ready for the Quick Start.