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Javascript async callout

Sample use case

Make async callouts where other policies can still process rather than waiting on a response from the callout.


There are two js files, getWeatherData and assembleResponse. The getWeatherData script makes the http requests, and then they are later accessed in assembleResponse. The example js code extracted from these files:

first js:

var paloAlto = httpClient.get('');
context.session['paloAlto'] = paloAlto;

second js:

var exchange = context.session['paloAlto'];
var resp = exchange.getResponse();

You can parameterize the session names and wrap stuff into functions to make the response parsing/assembling a bit more re-usable.

A critical part to understand in this example is that the delay between the 1st and 2nd JS (including any policies and the waitForComplete) should be long enough for all responses to come back.

Set up, deploy, invoke

To deploy, run $ sh

To test, run $ sh

Ask the community

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